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Wynajem jachtów Giżycko

Czarter jachtów Giżycko - jachty żaglowe

Czarter jachtów Giżycko is becoming more and more popular to spend holidays and appreciated by people who respect nature, peace and nature. The kind of rest for sailing on yachts allows us to discharge and gain new positive energy for life, forgetting about our everyday problems. People using a yacht charter will be able to take full advantage of the spacious and extensive external and internal surfaces of the deck and enjoy the views of fantastic wild nature thanks to the royal, but minimalist interiors, chartering a yacht on the fascinating Masurian lakes gives us the opportunity to sail among nature, yet we feel like in our own  home, because we have at hand the necessary things for a comfortable stay in the wild

For some, a cruise that ends with a clear yacht may be taken for granted. Once upon a time, the handing over of a dirty and unclarified yacht was very bad for the helmsman / captain of the yacht. However, a large proportion of Yacht Charter sailors forget about this costly obligation. Handing over a dirty and unclarified yacht to an amateur may generate additional costs in the range of PLN 100-200. That is why it is worth agreeing such details with the shipowner before the cruise.
An important rule regarding the cleaning of the yacht is the prohibition of using detergents that may pollute the water.
Water poisoning is prohibited and punishable!
See what mistakes not to make when renting a yacht in Masuria.

Training the crew before chartering the yacht

Training the crew before we charter yachts - in quotation marks: before boarding the yacht, each person should be assigned an appropriate role. The best criteria for the allocation of functions are the psychophysical predispositions of the crew member. The right choice of people and a precise explanation of the actions are important, especially if we are dealing with newbies. It is good to show the crew where there are items such as the boatswain's box, life jackets, paddles, boat hook and other items that may be needed in case of unforeseen events. The simplest solution is to involve the entire crew in collecting the chartered yacht. Thanks to this, each crew member will get to know the yacht in detail and will know what is on it and where it lies.

Yacht rental

Motor yacht rental

Preparation of things for a yacht charter in Masuria

A trip to Masuria to rent a sailing yacht is an exciting time, especially when we return to sailing after a long break. Good, favorable winds, beautiful, amazing views and always hitting us full sun - this is what every sailor wants when he sets out on a crazy Masurian holiday. Unfortunately, often when renting a yacht in Masuria, we forget about the most important things, i.e. the right one
preparation for a trip to Masurian sails.
Checking the yacht's equipment and technical condition thoroughly before we set off. The first important step is to check the technical condition of the chartered vessel. It is also worth checking and necessarily documenting the amount of equipment of a given yacht, which is listed in the so-called acceptance protocol. Carefully check the chartered boat and inform the shipowner immediately about the damage and possible lack of equipment. Do it before leaving the port, thanks to which you can avoid unclear situations when giving up the vessel. When checking the complete equipment of the yacht, it is worth focusing on the contents of the so-called repair box (boatswain's box). Absolute foundation
include tools such as a set of screwdrivers, pliers and a hammer. There should also be a wrench and a set of flat wrenches in the box. A file and a saw blade will also be useful for minor repairs. Remember to consult each repair with the shipowner beforehand!
Read the map for sailors carefully.
On board a very well-equipped chartered yacht, we can find a map of Masuria for sailors. When planning a cruise, you should get acquainted with the depths and obstacles that will lurk on your way. Knowing the map is not only about route planning, but also reducing the risk of dangerous events. A convenient and very effective solution is GPS maps, which can be downloaded for free from the website LINK. If we do not have any of the above, we can use a smartphone to install applications with sailing maps of Masuria, such as Mazury Mini Pilot, available for free on Google Play.
Adequate inventory.
There are things that we most often remember when they are most needed. These include: a cap with a visor, sunglasses, as well as sunscreen creams and sunburn ointments. Anything that will protect us from the negative effects of weathering, when packing for a trip, it would be good to make a check-list that will verify our memory.

The highlight on this list should be the required documents packed in a watertight sachet. The next items on the list should be filled with items containing essentials: such as a flashlight with a battery pack, a sailing knife, a multitool or the famous silver tape. However, the equipment of experienced sailors should not miss a few additional ties, shackles, welts, yuzings and blocks.

Yacht chartering? maybe in Masuria 

The Land of a Thousand Lakes has been stimulating the imagination of tourists from all over Poland and from abroad for many years. It is a place where you can relax on vacation by renting a boat, go on a short weekend getaway with friends or even live permanently and enjoy all the charms that Masuria has to offer. The first thing that is associated with the Land of a Thousand Lakes is the charter of sailing yachts and motor yachts in Masuria, which is one of the greatest attractions that this place offers. But, of course, not the only one. Masuria is a real entertainment center, where everyone will find something interesting. It is impossible not to fall in love with this place from the very first moment, for example looking towards the sunrise and enjoying the view of sailing boats on the water. Take advantage of our yacht charter offer in Masuria.

Sailing yachts for rent in Masuria

This is a way of active holidays close to nature.

Being on vacation in the Land of a Thousand Lakes, you cannot help but take the opportunity to see all the attractions that this place offers. It is a great combination of the natural environment with the urbanized world, providing many opportunities for active recreation, including sailing with rented sailing units. Enthusiasts of exploring fauna and flora can do it on foot, taking advantage of a multitude of excursion routes, thanks to which they will get to know nature even closer and take a break from the city noise. An alternative to this type of activity is to charter a yacht and admire the natural environment from the deck of a rented boat.

In some places it is of course possible to go ashore and enjoy spending time in your own company away from other people. The proximity of forests means that you can go for a walk along forest paths at any time, and pick blackberries or blueberries in late summer. However, these are not the only fruits of nature that Masuria can offer tourists. Considering that this is the Land of a Thousand Lakes, it seems obvious to go on a chartered yacht deep into one of them and throw a fishing rod to catch fish. Many visitors also choose the possibility of charter a sailing yacht equipped with the possibility of transporting bicycles. In this way, you can visit a large number of places, and also combine sunbathing on a rented boat with active leisure, which is undoubtedly cycling.

Masuria: Sailing yachts charter in Giżycko

It is an opportunity to spend time with family or friends.

Undoubtedly, going to Masuria favors strengthening family ties, as well as tightening all friendships. The beautiful scenery that accompanies spending time together has a positive effect on the atmosphere and allows you to build beautiful memories. No wonder that many people choose to charter a sailing yacht in order to take their friends or family on the water and have a great adventure with them. This solution allows you to provide peace for yourself and your loved ones, and allows you to distance yourself from other visitors in search of silence. Sailing boats rental is also an opportunity to instill in your children a passion for sailing and make them love water just like you. Masurian lakes can stimulate the imagination and make you want to come back to the places you have visited at any time.

Yacht charter 

Luxury, yacht rental for every budget, i.e. yacht rental in Masuria.

Watching movies, especially those shot off the coast of Miami or on the Cote d'Azur, many people could envy the actors the possibility of sailing and relaxing on one of the luxury yachts. However, dreams related to this way of spending free time do not have to be postponed for a trip abroad, but they can be realized in our country, especially in Masuria. It is hard to imagine a better sailing destination in Poland. While it might seem at first glance that this is a form of spending time reserved exclusively for the wealthy, it is actually a myth. Yacht charter prices start from just over PLN 100. This means that anyone who only wants to enjoy the boat rental can enjoy it, and the size of the wallet is not of great importance in this case. Of course, in the tourist season, prices may increase slightly and are usually dependent on the length of the yacht charter rental period. Most often, boats are chartered for a week, although in many cases you can take advantage of the possibility of one-day rent for an appropriate fee.

However, this is not the only condition on which the yacht charter price depends. As a rule, the larger the sailing unit, the higher the cost of renting it. This is due to the number of berths on the boat or the power and capacity of the engine. It should also not be forgotten that some of the yachts on offer require the lessor to have the appropriate permissions to run them. However, most of them can be chartered without a patent, which makes the entire procedure much easier and offers great opportunities.

What to consider when charter a sailing yacht?

First of all, you should consider the size and purpose of the chartered sailing yacht. If we are considering a few days' sightseeing, e.g. with friends or family, the rented unit should be slightly larger in order to meet our basic needs, as well as the needs of our loved ones. It is worth considering the option of charter a yacht with more berths, because then you can save your money on renting a hotel room, and the boat will be used as a dwelling during your stay in Masuria. In a situation where you are planning a one-day trip, the charter of a boat should include a smaller sailing unit, because this is enough to be able to achieve the intended goals. Having a larger budget in your plans for this type of leisure, you can decide to rent a yacht not older than 5 years due to their spaciousness and more comfortable equipment.

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