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Nautiner 40

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Technical data

NAUTIKA 40 Mazury czarter jachtów bez patentu

Nautiner 40 motor yacht | Yacht charter without a patent | Yacht charter without qualifications | Motor yacht without a license in Masuria in Giżycko, port STRANDA.

Nautiner 40 - Charter Masuria in Masuria invites you to charter a yacht without a Nautiner 40 license , for a stroller  motor yacht ,  Hous eboat with the highest comfort of crew accommodation, baptized  the king of Masurian lakes. You can definitely call it a floating house on the water, as it has excellent conditions for this. Two very spacious bedrooms at the bow and stern, each with a toilet. In addition, we have a comfortable living room and a functional, well-equipped galley, as well as another advantage is the interior equipped with heating.

Large windows all over the yacht provide easy access to daylight to the cabins, and the standing height allows for free movement without feeling embarrassed. In addition, the yacht is distinguished by a large cockpit and two sunny decks. The Nautiner 40 yacht can rest and swim for 8 people, but the best comfort will be felt with a 6-person crew, because the yacht has three closed cabins. The bedroom is equipped with spacious wardrobes and shelves and very comfortable beds with mattresses. In both bathrooms there are electric toilets, shower, sink as well  installation providing hot and cold water. The kitchen is also equipped at home and includes a two-burner stove with an oven and a sink. The living room here is both a dining room, a living room and can optionally be a bedroom and serve as a sleeping place for two people.

The charter of the Nautiner 40 boat does not require a patent, the bow thruster facilitates very precise maneuvers on the water, and the solid equipment and modern technologies used allow for safe and safe sailing. The basic equipment of the boat is a diesel engine and a bow rudder as well as a set of accessories adapted to safe mooring. The equipment includes cleats and half-locks, two anchors, a boat hook for convenient catching buoys, long lines as well as durable fenders.

Yacht Charter in Masuria will provide you with comfort during your stay on the Nautiner 40 yacht, safety at the highest level, as well as unforgettable moments that you will spend surrounded by the beauty of Masurian waterways.

Equipment for the Nautiner 40 yacht

cockpit lighting, navigation lighting, drinking water installation, electrical installation, railings, gas stove, sink, shower, radio, CD, TV, heating, refrigerator, hot water, sea water, sonar,  filled tourist gas cylinder, fully equipped galley, life saving equipment and fire extinguisher, cockpit table, phone charging socket, anchor, mooring lines, paddles, boat hook, fenders, bucket, stern ladder, Liability insurance, YachtCasco insurance, NW insurance, Theft insurance engine

Motor yacht without a license in Masuria

Nautiner 40 New unit - yacht without qualifications   


Our fleet also includes a new vessel such as the Nautiner 40, one of the largest luxury yachts without a patent in Masuria. Comfortable colossus like a house on the water with two very spacious bedrooms on the bow and stern, with separate sea toilet. The yacht also has a comfortable large living room and a functional galley, especially for people who appreciate transplant. In addition, the yacht is distinguished by a large cockpit with a comfortable seat for the helmsman and two sun decks. On Nautiner 40, 8 people can swim and rest, but full comfort is achieved with a crew of 6, because the yacht has three closed sleeping cabins.

The yacht is equipped with a high-quality bi-mini, which effectively protects us from wind, sun and rain, is heated with a webasto diesel system, and the interior is very homely, all these advantages make the cruise still very pleasant even in bad weather. Large windows all over the yacht provide the right amount of daylight and warm energy, and the standing height in the cabin allows you to move freely just like at home.

The bedrooms are equipped with spacious, comfortable wardrobes, shelves, plenty of storage space and centrally located large beds with comfortable soft mattresses. Two bathrooms are equipped with mirrors, shower, electric sea toilet, washbasin and installation of an electric boiler that provides us with hot water. When mooring in the wild, warm water can also be recovered when starting the drive. The so-called living room kitchen is equipped with a multifunctional spirit cooker with an integrated oven and sink. The spacious living room is both a dining room, a living room and an optional bedroom. There is a comfortable sofa that, when unfolded, can be used as a sleeping place for two people.

In addition to the basic equipment, the yacht has two bow thrusters, one at the bow and at the stern, which gives us a great advantage and safety when maneuvering and mooring tight ports. In addition, there are holders for transporting several bicycles and wheelchairs for the disabled.

Nautiner 40 - Yacht charter without a license in Masuria

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