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Nautik 1000

Nautika 1000 motor yacht | Yacht charter without a patent | Yacht charter without qualifications | Motor yachts without a license in Masuria. The maternal port in Giżycko, Stanica Wodna Stranda.


Motorboats , for rent, are divided into two groups , some units are required to charter a motorboat. Fortunately, not having a yacht or motorboat helmsman's license does not mean that motor yacht charter in Masuria will be a dream come true for tourists visiting our lakes.

Nautika 1000

the yacht without a patent, despite its large dimensions, is available to all comers who are eighteen years of age or older.

I invite you to rent a houseboat Nautika 1000 , which enjoys great recognition and interest in the Land of a Thousand Lakes. It is a motor yacht for which no permits are required, which is its great advantage and the interest of visitors. It also provides us with high living comfort while sailing on Masurian reservoirs. Its structure and the way of designing the building provide a full range of safety and movement on the deck. This unit is dedicated especially to those who are looking for a combination of relaxation and close contact with nature.

Yacht rental or charter
Nautika 1000 is distinguished by great nautical properties.

It is very economical to use, thanks to its low fuel consumption and low price for a boat of this size. This unit is characterized by high maneuverability and shallow draft. Two thrusters and a rudder allow for 360 degree rotation on the spot, thanks to which it is very easy and easy to enter any type of shore. The structure of the yacht is very modern and very friendly, especially to the elderly, and even to the disabled, moving around the deck is not difficult. And thanks to its successful structure and shape of the bottom, the yacht practically does not drift even in side winds.

Boat charter
During the yacht charter, your comfort is important to us. So on the Nautika 1000 yacht, the number of people for whom a comfortable stay is dedicated is eight crew members.

In the bow of the yacht there is a double, closed sleeping cabin, and in the mess we have two additional sleeping places, which are created after unfolding the couch. On the deck there is a cockpit with a control panel and a place to sit with a table. In each cabin we can find comfortable, spacious lockers. This means that we don't have to worry about excess luggage when traveling. A spacious toilet, built together with a shower and having access to hot water and a rich galley equipment and four powerful large batteries, gives us the opportunity not to be dependent on the land for up to a few days and enjoy the wild nature while sailing. , we can use a comfortable mattress that is located in the front of the boat.

Nautika 1000
Technical data

NAUTIKA 1000 Na Mazurach czarter jachtów bez patentu

Nautika 1000

Yacht equipment

Rigid headstay, jib roll, lazy jack, patent / mast gate, shower, radio, CD, TV, heating, fridge, hot water, sea water, sea toilet, cockpit lighting, navigation lighting, parking lot, drinking water installation, electrical installation, tent, railings, gas stove, sink, filled tourist gas cylinder, full galley equipment, life-saving equipment and fire extinguisher, cockpit table, phone charging socket, Liability insurance, YachtCasco insurance, Accident insurance, Motor theft insurance, Crew personal belongings insurance, anchor, mooring lines, paddles, boat hook, fenders, hatchet, shovel, bucket, stern ladder,

Nautika 1000 - Photos

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