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Twister 780 czarter jachtów na Mazurach

Twister 780 Yacht charter  

Twister 780 - Masuria Yachts Charter presents  You are the Twister 780 yacht, the fastest yacht among those sailing in Masuria. It was constructed by Robert Rogiński, and its producer  there is a company called Mobilna - Yacht from Giżycko. It is the youngest yacht in the twister family. His "brother"  is known and well received on the Masurian charter market Twister 800 (also available in the 800 N version).

Advantages of the yacht

The yacht is definitely intended for sailors  with a sports flair, a  in the hands of an experienced skipper she is a real racer. His fierce appearance  and the sharp contours are not accidental, as it is a naughty yacht - it heels quickly and accelerates with each squall. Therefore, it can be quite a challenge for beginner sailors and make them feel insecure.

Twister 780  Yacht charter in Masuria, unlike other yachts, earlier requires reefing sails, its large sail area (34 m2) makes it low-wind. In strong winds, sailing on it is difficult, which may not be satisfactory  supporters of sailing in difficult conditions.

Sailing yacht in Masuria

Sailing yacht  Twister 780  it has a spacious, comfortable cockpit for the entire crew and a functionally arranged interior.  The great stability of the yacht ensures proper safety of the crew and enables effective sailing on sharp courses. Due to the shallow draft, it is possible to moor astern practically "to the shore" on wild beaches.  Its rich  the equipment allows for the full comfort of the cruise. Adapted  for sailing for a group of 6 - 8 people.

Interesting was used on the tested yacht  Cockpit night illumination - LED solar lamps charged with a solar battery during the day, encased in stainless steel.

If you have the spirit of sports fighting and you are not afraid of challenges, this is the perfect one  yacht for you.


Yacht equipment

  • A filled tourist gas cylinder

  • Heating  

  • Installation of drinking water

  • Electrical installation

  • Awning  gas stove, sink

  • Fridge  

  • Adio  cd, phone charging socket

  • Rigid stay, jib roll

  • Lazy jack, patent / mast gate

  • Fully equipped galley

  • Rescue equipment, fire extinguisher

  • Cockpit table, mooring lines

  • Pagayes, anchor, crampon

  • Stern ladder, fenders, bucket

  • YachtCasco insurance

  • NW insurance

  • Motor theft insurance

  • Crew's personal belongings insurance

Technical data  

  1. Number of persons 8 (6 + @)

  2. Locked berths 1 - open

  3. Sail area 35 m2

  4. Total length 8 m

  5. Height in the cabin 1.85 m

  6. Total width 2.70 m

  7. Draft up to 1.45 m

  8. Minimum draft 0.35 m

  9. Curb weight 2600 kg

  10. Fuel tank 15l

  11. 60l water tank

  12. Power  10 HP engine

  13. Yamaha engine type

  14. The type of sterurumpel

  15. Swinging sword type

  16. The height of the mast is 10m

  17. Mast clades patent 

  18. Control  tiller

  19. Laminate product

Photo of a sailing yacht 

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