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Czarter jachtu Bora 490

Bora 490 - Motor yacht charter

Bora 490 Wynajem jachtów bez patentu

Bora 490 specifications

BORA 490 motor boat - We cordially invite you to use our offers, motor boat rental, which is located in the Giżycko STRANDA Port.

The boats we offer can be driven without any license, you only need to be 18 years old.

BORA 490 the cheapest motorboat in Masuria only PLN 200 per hour or PLN 500 for the whole day.  Motor boat intended for tourist and recreational purposes. It is also perfect as a fishing boat. The nice, streamlined hull line, attracts attention and the high side, as well as a large area of confined spaces make the boat safe and comfortable.

The motorboat is available without authorization, it has a very economical 15km engine, fuel consumption is only 3-4l of gasoline for 1 hour of work. The advantage of a motorboat is its low price, which is very simple and practical to use. Despite its fuel-efficient engine, it is very dynamic and manoeuvrable. The quiet operation of the 4 owls engine. Very low draft allows you to swim in very shallow waters. Thanks to this, you can visit inaccessible areas with another unit

Bora 490  

Yacht equipment

5 life jackets, life ring, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, comfortable waterproof mattresses.

bora 490 czarter jachtów bez patentu
 czarter jachtów bez patentu Bora 490

Bora 490 - Photos

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