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Twister 36

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Yacht charter in Masuria - Twister 36 king of Masuria

Masuria Charter presents another gem, which is the largest unit in our fleet - the king of yachts, which is the Twister 36 yacht.

It is by far the most comfortable and very well-equipped sailing yacht among other offers.

In the opinion of customers, "it is the best nautical yacht, despite its dimensions, it can surprise us with its dynamics, design and comfort." The yacht attracts attention with its size and splendor. Its characteristic feature is hydro - wings replacing traditional swords. Thanks to their use, Twister 36 easily stabilizes on tilts and, despite its large dimensions, is very fast, maneuverable and maneuverable.

It does not have a daggerboard, which makes it possible to sail even in very shallow waters. It is equipped with two additional steering wheels and a bow thruster. The richly equipped and spacious interior gives a sense of luxury and freedom to even the most demanding crew, and three large, closed berths guarantee sleeping comfort and privacy for sailors.


In addition, Twister 36 is equipped with a galley - dishwasher, microwave, gas oven, water pump, hot and cold water, shower and a separate toilet. There is also heating and a diesel inboard engine. The crew also has access to RTV devices - DVD, TV CD and MP3. And over 60 square meters of sails gives us the opportunity to obtain higher speed when sailing in light winds.

In a word, the yacht is so refined and designed that the crew does not miss the comfort and sense of luxury. With the Masurian Yacht Charter, choosing a yacht, Twister 36, you have the satisfaction guaranteed that you will break away from the routine of everyday life, relax and rest, admiring the beautiful trails of Masurian lakes.

Twister 36 mazury

 Technical data

Wyposażenia jachtu

Yacht equipment

  • Sea toilet with a tank - cabin, hot water,  sea water, shower, sonar, drinking water installation, heating

  • Filled gas cylinder, gas cooker, microwave oven, gas cooker, sink, fully equipped galley, life saving appliances, parking lot

  • 12v and 230v sockets, LED lighting in RGB colors in the cockpit, audio system, DVD-USB TV, navigation and cockpit lighting

  • Electric winch, saling lamp, stern ladder, 42 HP diesel engine.

  • Aft table, patent for laying the mast, steel cable 

  • Bow and stern navigation lamps 

  • Two anchors with 15 kg mooring 

  • Two steering wheels, bow thruster 4 km

  • Casco yacht insurance, accident insurance, insurance against theft of the engine and personal belongings of the crew

  • Anchor, lines, paddles, boat hook, fenders, bucket, stern ladder

  • Rigid stay, lazy jack, jib roll, patent / mast gate

Twister 36 yacht - Port "Stranda" real photo
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