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Antila 33.3 - Jacht żaglowy (nowszy model od Antila 33)

The Antila 33 sailing yacht was new to 2015. After five years of successful warfare, the second incarnation of the Antila 33.3 model appeared on the market of ten-meter inland cruisers by 2020. Modern delicate changes gave the yacht even more sporty spirit. The new unit, first of all, received large sails than the previous model, in addition, the yacht was equipped with a bottom cage, thanks to which the weight of the yacht was significantly reduced. The jib roller has been moved as far forward as possible and almost a meter higher mast gives a significant advantage while sailing. The comfort for the helmsman of the yacht and the crew has not been forgotten, three arms of this bimini were added, which protects more of the deck from rain and summer heat, and a wide gangway is installed, thanks to which the yacht has reached 33.3 feet in length.

Antila 33.3

One of the most popular yachts for charter is Antila 33.3. It is an improved model that combines the best solutions from previous boats in this collection, as well as a refreshed, shapely silhouette and additional amenities. This yacht is perfect for enjoying the beautiful landscapes of Masurian lakes, outdoor holidays and sailing with family or friends.

An excellent boat for charter
the yacht has a variety of rich equipment and many modern solutions in the form of:
  • Two steering wheels,

  • A separate helmsman's position

  • A large area of sails

  • Optimal balance

and many other elements that make up the excellent stability and comfort in use.
Despite its large dimensions, the boat is maneuverable, so experienced sailors will not have any problems during the voyage. It is a good option for charter for people who have already sailed yachts of similar dimensions, as well as for those who had the opportunity to stand at the helm in smaller boats and gradually move to larger and larger decks.

Antila Water tourism in a perfect form

This boat is a synonym of luxury and exclusivity, it does not reach dizzying speeds, which, however, should not be an obstacle for those who plan a stay in Masuria that is more recreational and relaxing than sports. It is often chosen by those who want to experience sailing and life on the water, while staying in luxurious interiors.
The unit delights other holidaymakers with how it looks from the outside, as well as with a wonderful interior. The comfort of staying on the boat includes:

  • Shower

  • TV,  Radio CD / MP3 DVD

  • Heating

  • Fridge

  • Access to hot water

  • Cockpit lighting

  • Modern and minimalist interior arrangement

  • Bright, spacious deck

and many others!
Due to the facilities used, Antila 33.3 will be perfect for shorter, weekend cruises, as well as for trips lasting several days. It is an excellent choice regardless of water conditions or air temperature.
We encourage you to book a yacht quickly, because it is very popular among Masurian sailors!


Wyposażenie jednostki

Equipment of the unit

  1. Rigid headstay

  2. Roll of seal

  3. Lazy jack

  4. Patent / mast gate

  5. Shower

  6. Heating

  7. Hot water

  8. Outboard water

  9. Fishfinder, cockpit lighting

  10. Navigation lighting

  11. Installation of drinking water

  12. Electrical installation, tent

  13. Railings

  14. Gas stove

  15. The sink

  16. A filled tourist gas cylinder

  17. Fully equipped galley

  18. Rescue equipment and a fire extinguisher

  19. Cockpit table

  20. Phone charging socket

  21. Liability insurance

  22. Motor theft insurance

  23. Crew's personal belongings insurance

  24. Anchor

  25. Lines

  26. Pagay

  27. Sandal

  28. Fenders

  29. Bucket

  30. Aft ladder    

  31. Two steering wheels

  32. Thruster 

  33. Seven inch color sonar navigation 

  34. Fridge

  35. Heating

  36. TV

  37. Radio CD / MP3 DVD with sound system in the cockpit  

  38. Spric shack

  39. Bimini

  40. Lighting  led cockpit

  41. Colorful lighting on the spreaders

  42. Wood and stone countertop

  43. 12V socket 3 pieces

  44. Usb socket

  45. Microwave

  46. Electric marine toilet  

  47. Boiler

  48. Shower  cockpit

Technical data 

Antila yacht charter in Masuria in Giżycko

A spacious cockpit, luxurious design, richly equipped interior and, as expected, high speed make the unit an ideal yacht for rent on the route of Masurian lakes. 6 places in comfortable, closed double cabins, additionally 4 places in the wardroom, which can be folded out, provide comfortable accommodation for up to 10 people. This means that the Antila 33.3 yacht for tourist charter is also economical.

Sailing under sail with such a luxurious vessel allows us to experience a great vacation and freedom that cannot be experienced on land. Such a vessel will allow us to sail more safely together close to nature and will give us a great rest from everyday life.

A weekly cruise in Masuria on such a rented yacht, whether with family or friends or even alone, will be an unforgettable and successful adventure that will be remembered for many years. The size of the yacht and its excellent nautical properties give it an advantage and make sailing on board this boat pleasant, safe and comfortable.

We managed to charter such a yacht in Giżycko from the maternity port of the waterfront hostel Wodna Stranda, a successful holiday and an amazing impression remains in our memory to this day.

Price list and yacht charter booking

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