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Stillo 30 czarter jachtów bez patentu

Stillo 30 yacht without a patent in Masuria


Charter Yachts in Masuria we offer motor yacht rental without a patent and yacht rental Stillo 30, Nautika 1000 , Futura 36 , Futura 40 , Nautiner 40 , Am 780 , Nautika 1080 Solej , Nautika 830 , Futura 860  hauseboot without permission.
Experience an amazing yachting adventure without permission and carelessly travel across the Land of a Thousand Lakes. We invite you to Masuria.

Stillo 30 yacht rental without a patent

Dear readers. Of course, it is no coincidence that the described Hausboot is undoubtedly famous, more and more house on the water, will not stay with us without the publicity it deserves. More and more often it is appreciated and distinguished on Masurian lakes. It has great support among families with children and organized groups. Up to 10 people can stay on board.

Let's leave the land trips by car and move on to cruises on the wide waters of Giżycko and its vicinity. The fact is that Hausboot is becoming a breakthrough for the comfortable and the more demanding, so we can say that it comes out
  on  against our requirements in terms of comfort and standard. It is gaining more and more recognition, acceptance and support. The surprise for everyone here is that we do not need to have a patent.



Are you over 18 years old and want to start your sailing adventure? - it will take no time, no one will ask you if you can because the matter is very simple.

Hausboots without authorization have easy-to-use controls, so there will be no problem with swimming. Thanks to his standards, our stay will be lively and we will not be overwhelmed by routine. We will carelessly enjoy the freedom, fun and indulge in the emotions we create for ourselves. So let's make sure you enjoy your stay and choose a house on the water, not a sailboat. We will avoid  disturbing difficulties related to weather conditions,  especially when the crew is experienced.

Hausbooy without permission are designed especially under
  ease of use and driving comfort. Thanks to the shallow draft, we can swim in shallow waters. It will be very profitable for us, as we will be able to reach interesting places and stay in the shallows  and bathe in the middle of the lake. Repeatedly  It will amaze us and you will see joy on our faces, delight and enchantment with this house on the water.  




Besides, outside, we can easily organize our stay. There is plenty of space. The conditions are perfect to enjoy beautiful moments with the whole group in which we came. Despite all this, we will be glad that we can take as many things as we need, because it is equipped with lots of storage places. Cooking enthusiasts will also find themselves here because Hausboot took care of such a place. The spacious kitchen and living room will allow you to serve and eat a meal together, without going to the restaurant and waiting for us to be served. So let's go further, because we are already 18 years old.   

Let's visit, enjoy the moment  let's also get to a secluded, quiet place. Because, as the above-mentioned has a low draft, we can relax under the beautiful tree crowns, or in a place where  which we liked. No cove is scary and impregnable for him.  When we left our home, let us not miss this because we have come to a new home, but this time on the water. Let us implement our ideas and needs, so that on the day of our return we say it was worth it !!! Let that be a good end to your stay  Hausboot - house on the water.

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