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Maxus 33 Mazury - Jacht żaglowy na Mazurach

Sailboat charter in Masuria 

Why is it worth renting it during your stay in Masuria? It is an excellent choice for several reasons.
First of all, the Maxus 33 is a yacht of a high standard, both in terms of nautics and
and equipment. The most important features of boats for charter, which translate into the comfort of sailing, include:
- slim line,
- ergonomic rudder,
- a large number of cabins,
- exchange rate stability,
- Easy-to-use,
- large sails area,
- convenient mast placement,
- and many others!

Sailing yacht rental
Maxus 33 is the largest boat of this type produced by the well-known Northman company. In general, we recommend it to people who already have experience in sailing. For your first independent cruise, we recommend a slightly smaller but just as reliable one
yachts of this type, e.g. 24 or 26.
Maxus 33 is an excellent choice for people who have visited Masurian waters more than once and want to connect again
leisure with sports sailing. Under optimal conditions, it can flow sharp and fast. In a calm wind
it is an ideal space for families with children. It is maneuverable, so maneuvers are not a problem. Comfortably
the helm is operated, so entering the port or crossing the locks and canals is not a problem.
This yacht provides unforgettable moments and continues to win the hearts of new sailors. It enjoys a good reputation among
old visitors of Masurian lakes who eagerly choose it for their cruises.

Sailing yacht Maxus 33 for rent for sea wolves

Maxus 33 is a renowned and popular yacht for charter. He is often chosen for the professional regatta they hold
every year, and the cruises of experienced sailors.
Among flattering opinions about the boat, the opinion is repeated that it gives an extraordinary feeling of safety while sailing,
bad weather and maneuvers.

Yacht's equipment: sailing yacht, three closed cabins, bow thruster, steering wheel, shower, sea toilet, stationary engine 20 km. Technical data. Sailing yacht charter in Masuria in Giżycko. Port Stranda watchtower.

I invite you to take advantage of the amazing offer of the Maxus 33 yacht. It is safe, stable and, above all, reliable in all weather conditions. Its main advantage is speed, which in good winds will provide you with a lot of fun and will be a real pleasure in sailing around the Masurian ports.

Data  technical

Yacht equipment

  • Marine toilet - cabin

  • Shower

  • Fridge

  • Radio CD

  • TV

  • Gas stove

  • Phone charging socket

  • Gas stove

  • A tourist gas cylinder

  • Fridge, sink

  • Cockpit table

  • Electric installation 220 v

  • Installation of drinking water

  • Heating

  • Navigation lighting

  • Cockpit lighting

  • Rigid headstay

  • Roll of seal

  • Lazy jack / mast gate

  • Awning

  • Railings

  • Galley equipment

  • Rescue measures

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Insurance Oc

  • YachtCasco insurance

  • Motor theft insurance

  • Anchor

  • Lines

  • Pagay

  • Sandal

  • Fenders

  • Śekierka

  • Shovel

  • Bucket

  • Aft ladder

  • Thruster

  • Parking  

  • Outboard water

MAXUS 33. jacht żaglowy na mazurach

Sailing yacht deck

The deck of the yacht with a high standing height provides comfort and a lot of space for a multi-person crew. It has been adapted to the installation of all elements and patents that entitle the convenience of use in various water bodies. A spacious cockpit, wide half-decks with handrails and non-slip surfaces enable safe and comfortable communication. Carefully made interior, rich equipment and 3 separate cabins make almost hotel conditions. The yacht is designed for sailing for 8-10 people.

Yacht charter in Masuria, together with a comfortable unit for demanding customers, which is the Maxus 33 yacht , is the perfect combination that gives you an unforgettable experience among conquering Masurian waterways.

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